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The indispensable tool for dispensing medicine®

Struggling with hard-to-open medications for your patients? Meet RXIT™, an innovative tool that will allow you to effortlessly open sealed medications, packaging, bottles, and more with a quick poke, twist, and pull. It’s lightweight plastic design means no risk of injury from sharp blades! By streamlining the pill removal process, RXIT™ promises to save valuable time so you can focus on doing what you do best — caring for your patients.


Its frustration-free convenience doesn't stop at medical use. From cleaning supplies and personal care products to food and household pantry items, this versatile tool will literally open up your world.


How it works? Watch the video

Designed for safety and use where sharp objects are prohibited.

✓ Hospitals

✓ Treatment facilities

✓ Rehabilitation centers

✓ Assisted living centers

✓ Urgent care clinics

✓ Veterinary clinic

✓ Occupational therapy

Why Our Customers Love This Tool

Simple to Use

Effortlessly open sealed medications with a quick poke, twist, and pull.


An alternative to sharp blades, this lightweight plastic tool helps prevent injuries for the safest opening experience.

Easy to Clean

The tool’s design allows for easy cleaning, keeping it hygienic and ready for the next use.

Lightweight and Portable

A compact design makes this tool easy to carry and with a convenient hole to easily attach it to your lanyard.


RXIT™ provides an alternative to using your hands or fingernails to open a variety of products. Minimizes contact with surfaces and reducing the risk of contamination.

Customizable Design

The innovative design allows for placement of custom logos. You can send them home with patients, assisting with their continuation of care or personalize them for use at your facility, or as a promotional tool.

Open Up Your Whole World

  • Medication and Supplement Packaging
    Pain Medication Allergy Relief Products Nutritional Supplements Sleep Aids Protein Powder
  • Health and Beauty Items
    Hand Sanitizer Facial Cleansers Toothbrush Packaging Nail Polish Remover
  • Cleaning and Laundry Products
    Household Cleaners and Bleach Glass Cleaner Floor Cleaner and Mopping Supplies Perforated Tissue and Dryer Sheet Boxes
  • Food and Beverage Packaging
    Peanut Butter Snack Containers Raw Meat Packaging Water Bottle Packaging Coffee & Creamers
  • Kitchen and Household Products
    Paper Plates & Paper Towels Condiments
  • Pet Supplies and Products
    Pet Food Packaging Pet Medications
  • Travel and Automotive Products
    Antifreeze Car Wash Packaging Windshield Wiper Solution Power Steering and Brake Fluids
  • Entertainment
    Game Packaging CD and DVD Boxes Craft Paints and Art Supplies

And many more!


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Our Story

Sober since 2016, carter johnson came up with the idea for this tool while receiving treatment in a treatment center. Observing and talking to the nurses about the difficulty of opening multiple medications for numerous clients at the same time and not being able to use scissors, blades or sharp objects of any kind, she came up with the idea for a lightweight, plastic tool that would assist them dispensing daily medications for multiple clients in a residential treatment setting.

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